Hachikugama 淡竹窯

Mr Nobuo Takezawa’s craftsmanship is an attempt to create advances in Echizen-yaki – he ‘departs from traditional ceramic thinking, searching the world for clay particle conditioning methods, studies of designs and wheel techniques, and techniques that differ from traditional firewood’.

Nobuo Takezawa
1944    Born in Fukui City, Fukui Prefecture
1973    Established Hachikugama Pottery Works in Kashizu Echizen-cho (formerly Miyazaki-mura)
1981    Held his first individual exhibition in Fukui City – ‘Exhibition of 100 pots’
1994    Awarded the Miyazaki-mura Cultural Incentive Award
1997    Recognized as a Full Member of the Nihon Kogeikai (Japan Art Crafts Association)
2000    Received an award for Excellence in Succession of Fukui Prefectural Traditional Crafts, and participated in the National Traditional Crafts Exhibition
2002    Received the Minister’s Award from the Ministry of the Economy Trade and Industry, for his ‘Nashiji sihou agari shihoukaku kumizara’
2002    Received an award from the Chief of the Kansai Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry
2003    Individual Exhibition at the Fukui City Art Museum
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