Kuninarigama 国成窯

As an artistic handicraft, Yoshiro Maeda became involved in Echizen-yaki, exhibiting together with his son Kazunobu in public exhibitions such as the Japan Contemporary Arts and Crafts Exhibition and the Nitten Art Exhibition. Yoshiro’s trademark is the yohen technique, in which the clay and firing process produce natural changes in the color or shape of the piece without the use of glaze. In contrast, Kazunobu creates pieces with a soft texture.

Yoshiro Maeda
1941    Born in Echizen-cho (formerly Miyazaki-mura) Fukui Prefecture
1972 Studied under his father, Toshu Maeda
1986 Designed and created a monument for the Echizen Pottery Village Park
1988 Received the Fukui Prefecture Art Festival Award
1996 Received the Fukui Prefectural Governor’s Award for Excellent Craftsmanship
2000 Full Member of the Japan Contemporary Arts and Crafts Exhibition
7th acceptance for the Nitten Art Exhibition
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